New Guidelines for Curbside Services



  • Your physical address determines your route (Delta, Montrose & Gunnison Counties)
  • TEXT (or call) your name and address to 970-361-5451 to be placed on a route

Rates per pick-up:

Household $20
Office/Business $25
Combined Household $30
Household/Office Combined $30
Commercial (per arrangement) $40-$100
Dump Fee (if needed) $10-$100
All Electronics Are Extra (including chords) $0.45/lb
Donations (home items, clothes, books, furniture, etc.) Included
Scrap Metal Included

Payment Methods include: cash, check, or Venmo

Mail a check to:

Rice Recycling

1553 G 86 Ln.

Delta, CO 81416

Venmo: @RiceRecycling (Payment-between-friends)

Paypal: (friends and family)


Included in services:

  • Donations
  • Some small containers for sorting
  • Wellness checks
  • Neighborhood watch
  • Courtesy text reminders


Accurate sorting is important. Efficient recycling ensures it actually gets recycled, and it keeps the rates down for everybody.

Trailer-Ready Sorting Method:

  • Plastic containers #1 & #2/Steel Cans/Aluminum Pans – Commingled (no lids)
  • Glass–boxed or small containers
  • Aluminum Cans – bagged or small containers
  • Cardboard – broken down, flattened and stacked

DO NOT SMASH OR FOLD – see requirements

  • Paperboard (broken down and flattened) and paper – boxed or bagged
  • Shredded Paper – bagged separately
  • Donations – boxed or bagged
  • Scrap and Electronics can be loose


  • Clean, Dry & Safe from the weather (wind, rain, snow)
  • No Trash or food (sorting trash is not part of the service)
    • There will be a trash fee of $10 if we have to sort no-nos (See Absolute No-Nos).
  • Break Down Cardboard & Paperboard Flat
    • Do not smash or fold. Open the bottoms as you would open the tops
    • Large pieces must be cut down to the size of a pallet or smaller
  • Empty All Liquids (water, beer, wine, milk, soap, etc.)
    • Dirty recycling goes in the trash.
  • Empty & pinch/crush aluminum cans
  • Contain paper separately
    • Shredded paper has to be bagged and tied separately regardless
    • Brown Packing Paper goes with cardboard
    • Newspaper/blank newsprint-like packing paper goes with paper
  • Tie bags
  • Containers must be easy to lift when full
  • Keep recycling separate from garbage pick-up/mark containers
  • No drop-offs

Keep aluminum separate and steel with plastics. If you are unsure: a magnet will stick to steel but it will not stick to aluminum.

Your Choices Include:

  • How often (monthly, twice monthly, or quarterly)
  • Containers ( you provide your own or just some boxes I can take with me)


Donatable items to be recycled can include (but are not limited to): clothes, toys, books, furniture, building materials, landscaping and gardening, scrap metal, food, etc.

Donation destinations include: Salvation Army/MADA/Pregnancy Resource Center/Abraham Connection/ReStore/Public Library/Tiny Libraries, or your choice

Absolute No-Nos:

  • No needles/razor blades/panes of glass
  • No dirt, filth, or food residue whatsoever
  • No nested items – all items must be free from other items
  • No lids
  • No broken glass
  • No tempered glass (canning jars, empty candles, broken kitchenware)
  • No tissue paper/wrapping paper/gift bags (paper towels, shoebox tissue, facial tissue, etc.)
  • No Styrofoam
  • No rubber (gloves, hoses)
  • No plastic grocery sacks of plastic film (please take these to City Market or Walmart)
  • No waxy or plastic cardboard (milk boxes, juice boxes, gravies, etc)
  • No bubble mailers, peanuts, packing pillows
  • No wine box bladders
  • No batteries or hidden electronics
  • No oil or hazardous materials
  • No tires, PVC, paint, confetti, fertilizer, or fairy dust

If I leave anything recyclable behind it is because I have nowhere to take it, or it is too dirty.

Fun Fact: Anything small enough to fit in the palm of your hand eventually goes to the dump.

Disclaimer: must be flexible if the route runs late or fills up, or there is impacting weather.

Single Stream Cap

I am putting a cap on single-stream customers which means it is no longer an option. Thank you for understanding!