Our Service Area

Rice Recycling: Personal curb-side service for Delta, Montrose, Gunnison Counties. Delta county as far as Somerset, Montrose County to Black Canyon Rd, Peach Valley, and Delta to the Recycling drop-off. Reduce your carbon footprint! Group with neighbors and friends and save money by keeping a single pick-up site. 

A lot of potential customers think curbside means in town. In reality, I have customers on every Mesa! If you can get in during winter, I probably can too. Call or text me! (970) 361-5451 for urban & rural recycling pickup.


We are located in Delta. 

Somerset is currently the only Gunnison County
stop on our route.
Black Canyon Road is out in the far reaches of Montrose County.
And guess what? We have a route that comes all the way out here.

Peach Valley

Recycling Center

We pick up from Delta all the way to the recycling center.

Redlands Mesa